‘Figure skating queen’ Kim Yuna and the ‘Nation’s little sister’ IU donated 73 million won to the national figure skating team. These are profits from the duet ‘Ice Flower’, which they sang when filming for the SBS TV show, Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry, last year. In doing so, they kept to the promise they made during the recording of ‘Ice Flower’, which was to “use all the profits from the digital single sales to benefit young figure skaters”.

Kim Yuna said, “The number of training environments have increased compared to when I was younger, but there are still many lacking areas” and “I will continue to train hard and I hope to become an even more excellent athlete than I am now.”

IU also said, “I’m a fan of Yuna-unni, so not only was I glad to sing this song, it’s also such an honour for me to be here with her today” and “I didn’t expect myself to be doing such a good deed. I’ll continue to support the figure skaters so that they can work even harder. I hope Korea’s figure skating will continue to make good progress.”

cr :Lee Ji Eun