IU participated as a judge on the singing auditions show for actors, SBS New Year Special ‘Actor POP-STAR’. On the show, she was forthright with her opinions and gave witty comments to the contestants.

She did not hold back with her comments for every contestant, yet rounded off her comments kindly, creating a warm atmosphere during the filming. One contestant in particular, received a lot of love from IU and it was none other than the child actress, Jung Dabin, reason being that she performed IU’s “You and I” for the contest.

She sang the song as well as followed the choreography perfectly, showing great enthusiasm. But she expressed, “What if I end up in last place?” In reply, IU showed the girl her full support and said, “As the judge, I’ll help you so that you won’t end up in last place.” “You look really pretty.”

“After watching Dabin’s performance, I think I should hurry and come up with my follow-up song. I can sense you ulterior motives,” said IU reproachfully, although she didn’t mean it as a criticism. In response to IU’s affections, Jung Dabin said, “To sing and dance at the same time, IU-unni is such a prodigy.’

Also, IU told actor Kim Busun, “Your expressiveness gave me goosebumps” and Gong Hyungjin, “As a singer, it got me thinking, what makes a good stage?”

The show will be broadcast on Jan 24th @ 9:30 AM.

cr :Xsport News, SBS

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