Following the success of her title song, ‘You and I’, IU said, “Next time, I’ll take on the challenge of bossanova, or jazz even.”

She will be holding her Japan showcase at Orchard Hall on Jan 24th. “We received lovecalls from Japan and I’m preparing for it with my mind at ease. I’m not going to Japan with the mentality that I’m out to accomplish anything, but simply with a tranquil mind,” spoke IU with maturity. She seems to have no intentions to come out on top as the ‘Gayo queen’ in the Japanese music industry. We asked, “Is there really nothing troubling you at all?” Despite the burden of her overall performance in Japan weighing down on her, she looked calm and relaxed.

“There isn’t any great significance attached to my Japanese debut. I think of it as merely standing on a different stage. I’m making preparations with the mentality that I want to enjoy myself, rather than to get 1st place. When I debuted in Korea, nobody expected me to do well either. After about 2 or 3 years after my debut, people started to know me, so won’t it be the same in Japan too? If I don’t do well straight away right now, it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to become a famous singer. Well if things don’t go well, I’ll just find fault with someone (Laughs).

The plan is to have 5 or 6 hit songs performed together with an orchestra during the showcase. The title song for her Japan debut and date of release has not been decided yet. The promotion activities after her showcase are also still being drafted. However, it has been decided that the name of the album will be ‘아이유(IU)’, as it will be a ‘best album’ (Note: I’m guessing that means it contains Japanese versions of IU’s hit songs.) There will also be a small rectangle between the ‘아이(I)’ and ‘유(U)’. The meaning behind this space is to get fans to imagine the IU they want to see. In response to the question, “If you could fill the box by yourself, what would you want to put in?”, IU said, “I don’t know about the person Lee Jieun, but the singer IU can transform up to 10 times in a day. I don’t even know myself well.”

IU expressed her thoughts honestly, saying that she has nothing special planned and simply wants to show everyone the real IU. She’s also investing time and energy in studying languages. Upon finding out that Kara, with their ability to express themselves fluently in the language, managed to get close to the people, IU also hopes to interact with the locals in their language. We asked, “Being so busy, how would you find time to study Japanese?” and she replied with a smile, “It’s not about being good at it, but at least I need to be able to understand the jokes. Since I mainly learn by talking to my Japanese teacher using KakaoTalk, to some extent, I know how to write it, but I can’t speak it very well. To speak it well, I’d need a bit more time.”

After IU became famous, people are watching every move she makes. Just a word uttered during a broadcast would spark off a plethora of news articles and on top of that, the plastic surgery suspicions and even Do Daeyoon’s confessions on twitter, it seems there is never a peaceful day. Even the ‘Chic girl’ IU seems to be getting tired. (Note: ‘Chic girl’ is the new hot term for IU after all those photos from Seoul Music Awards yesterday)

It’s not tiring to me that just a word from me will make it to the news. Instead of me, it’s the people at my company who seem to be having an even worse time. Certainly, I get bothered by it, but not for long. Um…it just crossed my mind that I should be careful with what I say (Laughs).”

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