CanCam Magazine (March issue) – IU’s Secret visit to Japan and Sightseeing

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See scan here. This visit to Japan most probably took place before her Japan pre-debut album was released. Videos of the photoshoot was included in the Japan pre-debut DVD.

From CanCam.

IU actually secretly came to Japan!

[Day 1]

PM 00:00 Arriving in Tokyo

PM 03:00 I□U album jacket photoshoot

Photoshoot lasted till 6 o’clock…!
IU with a busy schedule, came to Japan. Even though the jacket photoshoot dragged till 6, she responded to any demands, didn’t show signs of tiredness and displayed a completely professional spirit, touching the hearts of the Japanese staff.

PM 9:00 Photoshoot finished! Went to eat Shabu Shabu

IU’s favourite Japanese foods are shabu shabu and sushi ★ We even ordered an extra helping of meat. From her slender body, we couldn’t imagine how much she actually eats♪

PM 11:00 @ Don Quixote shopping

It seems she is not tired… Despite the concerns of the staff, a fully energetic IU wanted to check out Don Quixote♪, especially the cosmetics there.

[Inside story]
IU who left Don Quixote caught the notice of her Japanese fans and fans started calling out to her! IU was quite sociable and nice to respond to her fans. She even shook their hands and signed autographs for them♪

・ False eyelashes
・ Skin care products
・ Puripura cosmetics
・・・ seems that IU went to buy beauty care goods with her hair & make-up artist

[Day 2]

PM 01:00 Gathered at EMI head office

PM 02:00 Off to Tokyo for sightseeing

① Harajuku NINE shop

IU and her stylist felt that the NINE shop was a must go. At home, IU likes to wear clothes that are easy to move around in♥ She was troubled over a wide range of sneakers, but left the shop in the end without choosing any. After that, she discussed with the staff how “maybe I should have bought that pair of sneakers”, showing her simple side. That’s somewhat cute of her♥

Walking around Harajuku Takeshita Dori.

② Ordered Marion crepes and strawberry cake
IU who also likes sweet things was attracted to the fragrant crepe shop. We enjoyed eating while walking♪ When asked if it was delicious, IU offered her crepe and asked, ‘Do you want to eat?’, such a gentle IU warmed my heart and how she was so candid made me surprised.

③ Went to look for her pet dog’s clothes at Petter & Paradise
Because of Japan’s range of pet’s goods, IU couldn’t help but say ‘kawaii ne~’ (how cute~) IU couldn’t seem to make up her mind when buying as she saw how the other goods were also cute.

④ Went to a Korean shop selling photos of idols to confirm that her picture is also being sold there!
Harajuku has hallyu star shops (not official therefore readers shouldn’t buy from these shops!)… IU suddenly entered the shop to take a look. The staff told the customers IU had arrived… IU who was feeling doubtful said, ‘My photo is here~ thank goodness! So the people in Japan do know me~’. IU, who automatically carried out such checks, surprised us with her high level of awareness.

Laforet Harajuku

⑤ LANDS OF Eden’s cushions
She got cushions to place in her room. They had elaborate designs and were handmade, which seems to be the reason why she’s interested.

⑥ Worrying about tote bag @ Kitson
She seemed to have seen it in a magazine and excitedly entered the store to check out the tote bag. Aside from that, she also seems to be interested in imported shoes. Even after deliberating over them for a long time, IU still couldn’t decide.
She believed that she should only get what she feels she really wants. Such firm thoughts are a plus.

PM 05:00 Returning to Korea!!
Although IU came for quick business, she had a lot of fun shopping♪ She said the next time she comes to Japan, she would definitely want to go to her favourite Tokyo Disneyland.

* Uncovered points about IU
In the midst of her packed schedule, she came to Japan. When asked ‘Aren’t you tired?’, IU replied energetically with a smile, ‘Because I’m happy I came to Japan, I’m not tired!’. When the photoshoot started, she discussed with the staff what the photos would be like and showed her professional side. Seeing as how she happily ate the delicious meat and shopped to her heart’s content… She’s really no different from a typical 18-year-old girl, full of purity & innocence. Herein lies her appeal.


CanCam March 2012 issue

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