Why we heart u IU ?!

1. Innocent Smile
2. Her Natural laughing(even sometimes she looks clumsy.. ^^)
3. Her super cute expression
4. She’s a hard worker too(learning how to skate in kiss and cry, many falls :cry: )
5. She’s so dedicated(I saw her singing in the middle of rain at one of her concert)
6. Angel like voice
7. Her wink when she hit a high note. That is a killer one, like she wink her eye to us. She often do that, Did you guys notice?
8. I love her dork glasses too.. super cute!!
9. Her funny english(have you guys watch heroes? She became a bellgirl and talk english to the foreign customer)
10. Finally, IU is so adorable because I LOVE her too MUCH
11. her eyes that only look at me
12. a nose like a sculpture
13. lovable lips
14. skin like milk
15. her S-line body
16. her shiny and beautiful long hair
17. smile that can make my heart melting
18. the sound she make when she playing guitar can make me calm
19. dance like a swan in middle moonlight
20. and her angelic voice that make me stunning


I = I always be there, right beside you and never leave you. I promise……..
U= U are the raindrop in middle of desert, which can make me survive in this life……..


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